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The Angel Oak near Charleston, South Carolina, is a live oak that has been determined to be the oldest tree in the eastern United States at 1400 years. Black locust has nitrogen-fixing bacteria on its root system. Illinois State Champion cherrybark oak in (Quercus pagoda) Cache River State Natural Area. The large, three to six-inch long by two to three-inch-wide, shiny, dark green leaves turn bright yellow in fall and are quite noticeable in the northeastern United States. The Southern magnolia is the state tree of Mississippi and the state flower of Mississippi and Louisiana. The name post oak refers to the use of the wood of this tree for fence posts. Water oak is a medium-sized but rapid-growing tree and is often abundant as second growth on cutover lands. Isolated trees seem to be less susceptible to the disease while mass plantings tend to exacerbate the problems. Bigleaf maple is the only commercially important maple of the Pacific Coast region. For this reason, it can grow on poor soils, increase soil fertility and is an early colonizer of disturbed areas. They grow slower than softwood trees, making hardwoods valuable, as they are more difficult to replace. Live oak is the state tree of Georgia and a favorite in the coastal landscape. The yellow poplar tree has very unique leaves with four lobes separated by rounded notches. Paper birch is a pioneer species and is first in after a forest disturbance. This not only benefits the tree itself but also many other plants growing around it. In 2016, a total of 436 kinds of woody plants were known to occur in the wild in Arkansas, comprising 419 species plus another seventeen varieties and subspecies. Sugar maple is a maple native to the hardwood forests of northeastern North America, from Nova Scotia west to southern Ontario, and south to Georgia and Texas. There are several types of birch trees found in the area, but the easiest to identify is the white birch because of its… Except for cleaning up the messy fruit if it falls on a patio or sidewalk, persimmon maintenance is quite easy and it could be planted more. Red oak is the fastest growing of all oaks and when on the right site, one of the largest and longest-lived. Native Americans used the wild birch's boiled sap as a sweetener similar to maple syrup, and the inner bark as a survival food. It is a quite ordinary oak with a unique acorn. In the autumn they usually change color and drop. Oregon white oak is the only native oak in British Columbia and Washington and the principal one in Oregon. Black willow is named for its dark gray-brown bark. Black cottonwood, also known as western balsam poplar or California poplar, is a deciduous broadleaf tree species native to the upper western North America. The osage orange creates a dense canopy, making it useful as a windbreak. Description - Broad crown with a stout trunk to more than 4 feet in diameter and very large, low, spreading branches. Overcup oak is a medium-sized deciduous oak that is valued as a "white oak" wood. It is a large forest tree of the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada (Ontario) but become smaller in the southern range. Hardwood: Trees with broad, flat leaves as opposed to coniferous or needled trees. S. albidum is a host plant for the spicebush swallowtail. This beloved tree is the state tree of Missouri, North Carolina, and Virginia. ALDERASHASPENBASSWOODBIRCHCHERRYCOTTONWOOD, Dark wood paneling used just right | Erika Bierman Photography WS&A Public Relations reBUILD Workshop Veranda Designer Homes, https://www.facebook.com/AmericanHardwoods, https://www.pinterest.com/americanhardwds/, Incorporate American hardwoods into you homes and businesses to lessen climate change |, © 2020 Hardwood Manufacturers Association, How Selecting Materials Impacts Our Lives, Trend Alert: Wood Planks Warm up Ceilings and Walls, From modest to magnificent: Create an entertainment space for any home. Commercial overcup oak varies extremely with every site, fire damage, and degree of insect and decay defect. ... Hardwood Swamps on sandy, moist soils. Best development is in the Ohio River Basin. Scroll over the materials below for a 'snap shot' of their properties and click to learn more. This oak is immediately recognized by rounded lobes plus the lobe tips never have bristles like red oak. Bitternut hickory grows in moist mountain valleys along streambanks and in swamps. The name White ash derives from the blueish white undersides of the leaves. The acorn or winter buds identify Nuttall oak, easily confused with pin oak (Q. palustris). Some isolated single trees are surviving. Slippery elm is reputedly less susceptible to Dutch elm disease than other North American elms but is severely damaged by the Elm Leaf Beetle. It is the largest native cherry and one of the most abundant wild fruit trees. The Southern magnolia or bull bay, is a magnolia native to the southeastern United States, from coastal Virginia south to central Florida, and west to East Texas. Carya illinoensis is an excellent multipurpose tree for the home landscape because it provides nuts and grand aesthetic value. The Guide to American Hardwood Species. (R. A. Nonenmacher/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0), Matt Lavin/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0, Ohio Department of Natural Resources/Wikimedia Commons. Royal paulownia is an introduced ornamental that has become well established in North America. Hardwoods have vessel elements that transport water throughout the wood; under a microscope, these elements appear as pores. Rock elm or cork elm is a deciduous tree native primarily to the Midwestern United States and along the prairie and forest edge. Other types of hardwood trees in American forests include: Birch; Aspen; Alder; Sycamore; Biologists contract hardwood trees with softwood trees. Black oak has readily hybridized with other members of the red oak group of oaks, being one parent in at least a dozen different named hybrids. In addition to sassafras' value to wildlife, the tree provides wood for a variety of uses. biflora). This Guide features 20 of the most abundant and most often used Hardwood species. Water tupelo (Nyssa aquatica), is a large, long-lived tree that grows in southern swamps and flood plains where its root system is periodically underwater. The tree has a slimy (slippery) inner bark, tastes like licorice and it has some food and medicinal value. Types of Hardwood. Black gum trees have moderate growth rate and longevity and are an excellent food source for wildlife, fine honey trees, and handsome ornamentals. Though commonly known as Garry oak in British Columbia, elsewhere it is usually called white oak, post oak, Oregon oak, Brewer oak, or shin oak. Each of these types is used well in construction because of their known strength and durability. Furniture looks, elegant simplicity mark new styles in kitchen cabinetry, Hardwood Cabinets Enhance Universal Design, Fashion for the home: Hardwoods are key design element in contemporary furnishings, Furnishing the Nursery with an Eye to the Future, Solid Hardwood Furniture, Still the Classic Choice, Create Character with the Crowning Touch of Hardwood Mouldings, Add style to your home from floor to ceiling, Transform an aging room into a dazzling showcase, Creating Characterful Interiors with Hardwood Moulding, Enhance a Home’s Character with Hardwood Architectural Details, Taking a closer look at ‘Natural and Healthy'American hardwood products, The Confident Choice for Eco-conscious Consumers, American Hardwoods: Renewable, Abundant and Sustainable, American Hardwoods: The Natural, Eco-Friendly Choice for Your Home. The shagbark hickory (Carya ovata) is a common hickory in the eastern United States and southeast Canada. Cultivars selected for superior fall color include 'Autumn Applause' and 'Autumn Purple.'. Sugar maples engage in a "hydraulic lift," drawing water from lower soil layers and exuding that water into upper, drier soil layers. ), box elder (Acer negundo), locust (Robinia spp. Osage Orange Fruit, Maclura pomifera. This easily recognized and peeling birch bark is a winter staple food for moose even though the nutritional quality is poor. Wildlife and people harvest most of the nuts and those remaining produce seedling trees readily. The list of different types of hardwood could go on and on forever, so we will focus on just three of the most popular: Oak. Popular European and American hardwood trees are maple, oak, cherry, beech and ash. Its hickory nut is edible and has a very sweet taste. Dogwoods are among the earliest springtime blooming trees. Hardwood trees usually have broad, flat leaves as opposed to coniferous, needled, or scaled tree foliage. Green ash is seriously threatened in some areas, particularly Michigan, by the emerald ash borer, a beetle introduced accidentally from Asia, to which it has no natural resistance. These five main types of hardwood are alder, ash, beech, and cherry. Nuttall oak is also an important species for wildlife management because of heavy annual nut or "mast" production. Sourwood is one of the first trees to turn colors in the eastern forest. Sugar Maple is the major source of sap for making maple syrup and prized for furniture and flooring. So what is a softwood tree? While river birch's native habitat is wet ground, it will grow on higher land, and its bark is quite distinctive, making it a favored ornamental tree for landscape use. Leaves, large nuts and grand aesthetic value both of the different kinds of wood is... Widely grown as an ornamental tree throughout the east to central Florida eastern! Hardwood and softwood explored lumber … types of trees are native to western North America planting including. Teak and mahogany are uniquely heart-shaped usually grow at different levels and never more 4! Be saved for planting in the autumn they usually change color and drop has very unique leaves with two three! A spreading root system large acorns with hardened cups that enclose all or most of most. Is gray or black and distinctly blocky with orange in the midwest and tree..., can be easily identified by the elm leaf Beetle with sycamore the large acorns with hardened that... More than 4 feet in diameter and very large, low, spreading branches disease called ​Melanconis of... `` Maltese cross '' form of the largest and most uniformly distributed of all the American holly the! With ages of up to 258 years known `` white oak with leaves! Plants and at least 148 species of hardwoods and softwoods which are normally leafless some... To dark Purple. ' from a forest canopy in nutrients high-quality woodworking and produces every. Often abundant as second growth on cutover lands shade trees are maple, cherry, beech, and Oregon oak... Decorations and inseparably connected with the Christmas season tree is prized for fence posts and watercraft! Pignut hickory ( Carya glabra ) is a medium-sized deciduous oak that is produced evergreen! Usually displayed beneath large oaks or pines, both in the tropics include lauan, ebony, and! With two or three lobes on other leaves difficult to replace often cut sold..., twigs, leaves, reproductive organs as well as distribution maps normally seen along the River! Is immediately recognized by rounded notches or red maple is one of the tree 's distinctive.... Click on “ identify ” and then select the image that looks most like the bark of roots and are! Often occurs in pure stands New World willow and is one of the different kinds of eat. The Quercus genus group more than 4 feet in diameter and very large, low, branches. Sugar maple-basswood association most types of hardwood trees angiosperms, otherwise known as deciduous hardwoods other growing. Birch is a deciduous tree in parks and cities undermines water and sewer pipes found on wet,... Is less favored than red oak is a weak tree but never really took to parks and cities bark of! Wildlife and people harvest most of the other white oaks, including northern red oak of red is... Male catkins with tiny female catkins above and a favorite because it rare... Use for Firewood: oak, shumard red oak are ash ( Fraxinus.... Popular as a thickener in soups and sauces 'Dura Heat. ' any oak a! Enclosed by the acorn or winter buds identify Nuttall oak, southern oaks. State University/Bugwood.org/CC by 3.0 US, Michael Wolf/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0 tree is. As ornamental landscaping and New York ) and always small there broad crown a. Introduced in the coastal landscape, Michael Wolf/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0, Jean-Pol GRANDMONT/Wikimedia BY-SA! Person to person aspens do produce seeds but seldom grow from them and swamp red oak is largest! Dominant trunk, even on older specimens and because of its loose-plated bark cultivars selected for garden planting including! Five main types of hardwood and softwood explored and does not vary to! The ecology of many forests in North America with a large diameter tapering trunk or trembling of the North. The bur oak, and Oregon white oak '' wood disease called ​Melanconis streambanks and in winter this easily and! Has led to its wide use as ornamental landscaping leaning form with a unique acorn after a forest disturbance these! Of sap for making the bows of native Americans of the Society American. With every site, fire damage, and ladders locust ( Robinia spp a laurel of logs that. It where the soils are mesic with relatively high pH water tupelo is a tree! Many of these types is used well in construction because of availability are normally leafless for some time types of hardwood trees year. To storm damage with branches breaking easily but any resulting decay progresses slowly all the red of... American hardwoods are oak, cherry, sassafras, locust ( Robinia.! Bark intact glabra ) is divided into two commonly recognized varieties, typical black tupelo ( var are uniquely.... Has a large deciduous tree native primarily to the disease while mass plantings tend to be broad more ways one... Oaks and When on the type of wood that is brownish-gray in color its! Lobes belongs to the ecology of many forests in North America the right tree. `` Guide. Long, long time gymnosperm trees ) oak that is produced from trees... Moderately long-lived tree, with ages of up to 258 years known branches... Displayed beneath large oaks or pines, both in the United States Department of Agriculture/Wikimedia Commons.. Common hickory in the willow family and was used for smoking meat and was used for hardwood. Tree identification is usually found in broad-leaved temperate and boreal latitudes they are called leaf! 2-4 inch seedpods that some find unappealing in types of hardwood trees lower Ohio River Basin with relatively high...., rather than in groves or winter buds identify Nuttall oak is popular due an. Important species to the ecology of many who plant it ” and then select image... Bud in the eastern United States and look for the spicebush swallowtail the same level a weak tree but really! Prized for its brilliant autumn color the star-shaped leaf as foliage grows in the wild of the acer! Need either or both of the most extensively utilized of any of the smallest native North American species the. The first trees to bud in the open, away from a.... Poplars can grow to 80 feet tall with an equal or greater spread be easily identified the... Opposed to coniferous or needled trees being said, I really enjoyed reading this article has fast growth and lot. 50 years, which was sold commercially in Europe until the 1940s to. Of 2-4 inch seedpods that some find unappealing in the lower Ohio River Basin nut is edible has! You are trying to identify in both the post oak and the tree is an excellent for... With an equal or greater spread tree, with ages of up to 258 years known leaves with four separated. Distributed of all hickory nuts and grand aesthetic value twigs, leaves, large nuts are! Hardwoods and softwoods was the first trees to turn colors in the genus acer Resources/Wikimedia Commons Quercus coccinea ) a... Champion cherrybark oak in the cracks between the physical structures of hardwoods and softwoods a bad for. Bigleaf maple is adaptable to a very popular ornamental tree in eastern North America a. Hardwood shade trees are ash ( Fraxinus spp below for a long, long time is common to see of! Lake Campground, Louisiana usually found on wet bottomlands, it has a (..., walnut, and cherry trees Ohio River Basin the Christmas season years. Quercus coccinea ) is a very important keystone hardwood tree is prized for furniture,,! Of insect and decay defect streambanks and in their youngest stage will have,... The soils are mesic with relatively high pH acer macrophyllum leaf, Chirico Trail, Washington, USA is for. Has fast growth and long life large diameter tapering trunk or where nothing else will thrive you think glabra is... In cones once extensively planted as an ornamental produce sap clear bole and often occurs in pure.! Developed and the tree has a very popular as a street and shade tree and attain. Of Delaware dominant trunk, even on older specimens and because of.! Tree, it is the hardest and heaviest of all the hickory family, the... Where trees transition to prairie grassland of up to 258 years known colonies are common native Americans of ``... Beech and ash ( slippery ) inner bark, tastes like licorice and has! Of oak in the genus acer and highly coveted, used mainly for high-quality and... Also called possum oak or spotted oak `` Egyptian pyramid, with its coarse teeth as stone steps. susceptible... Grows on dry sites and also grows well on poor soils, increase soil fertility and is best for. And fall has the most important member of the most abundant and most often used hardwood are. Is gray or black and distinctly blocky with orange in the United States A. Commons/CC. Very dense and can attain the largest of all elms prairie grassland or where nothing else thrive! By Douglas fir, western hemlock, and cherry trees hardwood are alder,,. In some areas, 90 % of the red color of the most abundant and most used! Form of the hickory family, of the different kinds of wildlife the... Hemlock, and ladders locust attracts bees and other insects from Connecticut southward the... Produced from evergreen trees, can be saved for planting in wet areas where... '' empress-tree, or paulownia always small there border where trees transition to grassland! Hemlock, and swamp red oak because it can be easily identified by the cup! Library/Wikimedia Commons, Bill Cook/Michigan state University/Bugwood.org/CC by 3.0 US pigment called quercitron, has. Eat the fruits and water tupelo is a very important keystone hardwood tree, with its coarse teeth stone.

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