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Your fallout community for the early games, Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of steel, or Van Buren. Numerous pop … The only thing you're doing for now is getting the parts from Renesco. When talking to Renesco in his shop he might ask the Chosen One what it is that he/she wants: Contents ... Renesco Merchants in the New California Republic Edit. In designing Fallout 2, we took a lot of pride in making the game as non-linear as possible. Merchants (Fallout 2) Edit. Find Zaius next to the mine on the northern end of the residential area of Broken Hills, and consent to find the spare parts to fix the mine's air purifier. To get there, exit north from the entrance, then exit west on the next map. This stops at 91% (or 92% if you raise a tagged skill from 90%). Renesco i jego zakład poznaliśmy w misji [11] , Broken Hills . ... Basically im playing fallout 2 and wanted the patch to fix the Gecko (Bug) & Tandi (Crash) problems. This a quiz about the best game ever. 11-IN). Reading a book takes from 1 to 10 hours depending on your Intelligence (i.e. This page is an unauthorized addendum for " The Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 Guide" which was written by Per Jorner. This is an unofficial patch for Fallout 2 that fixes over 800 items that were not fixed in the latest Fallout Patch v1.02. I dont think its very hard its average. Let's Play Fallout 2 by ddegenha - Part 22: Base Noir. Give Mr. Salvatore the $1000 for some experience. When you're in the Pharmacy, talk to Renesco. DT - Normal: 0 DT - Laser: 0 DT - Fire: 0 DT - Plasma: 0 DT - Electrical: 0 DT - EMP: 0 DT - Explode: 0. Any comment on what new changes will be done with the engine being source now? Renesco has a lot more dialogue than you can see generally, and some of it is absolutely hilarious. 5. Well, THIS would've been useful at the beginning of the goddamn game. Pošle vás za taťkou. [2] ... You will then need to take the poisoned jet cannister to Renesco to find out that Salvatore asked Renesco to make up the … Odwiedź Renesco i odbierz opłatę dla Pana Salvatore w wysokości $1000 (misja nr 50) Udaj się do Renesco, wyjście na lewo od kasyna Salvatore. I took the quest to get the 1000 dollars back from Renesco to Mr Salvatore, but I do nog get the dialogue options to finish the quest. Now convince him that Salvatore sent you to collect, and ask for a discount if you pay ($1 for all the items in his inventory you … Use books 6+2(tats), for what's missing to achieve 130 and invest the rest on by skill points. Fallout 2 - tipy, perky, NPC, návod ... Renesco nemá prachy, tak to za něj zaplaťte a udělejte si výhodný nákup za výměnu. Do I need high stats in a specific stat to finish … "Name's Renesco. Renesco nie ma forsy, ale po długiej rozmowie możesz mu zaproponować, że zapłacisz za niego kasę w zamian za zakupy po „specjalnej zniżce”. Classic editor History Talk (0) Share. So everyone who crafted in unprotected towns for almost 2 years was meme'd... yikes. You get twice that amount if the skill is tagged. » Fallout 2 » PROBLEM WITH ... when I talk to Lloyd, I only get 2 options.. In retrospect, I probably did a pretty bad job at it. You'l have to travel to New Reno (which appears on your world map if it wasn't there already), and find Renesco in the commerical district. Kill him or let him go. Just tell me what it is you want you… well, whatever it is you are. And most important we have 19 other walkthroughs for Fallout 2, read them all! On the third, just north, is Renesco. Much to my surprise, holding down number keys didn't work as well as anticipated...clearly Black Isle learned from the exploit in … Marcus is the best addition to your party in Fallout 2! Fallout 2; Renesco Problem; User Info: Warpscum. Go visit Renesco the Rocketman and collect Mr. Salvatore's tribute of $1000. The Pharmacy is in the commercial row, which is to the west of 2nd Street. Jděte za Wrightama a vželezniční stanici se poptejte Chrise na práci. Renesco: working him to pay tribute to a mob boss, he then offers to give you his stash for free in 1.02. RODZINA SALVATORE Odwiedź Renesco i odbierz opłatę dla Pana Salvatore w wysokości 1000$. Ak chceš hrať dobráka od kosti, tak môžeš. Wybierzmy się złożyć mu wizytę. Books raise a skill by a number depending on your current skill level, ranging from 6-7 at low skill levels (20-30%) to 1-2 (70-90%). Fallout 2 mod by Bishop : This save/mod changes alot of weapons/things in Fallout 2, more info in the readme document. You.The protagonist of Fallout 2, and a descendant of the original Vault Dweller from Fallout 1.You've lived a good life in your relatively isolated village, but a series of failed harvests and a shortage on food has forced you to leave the village to go out and look for the holy G.E.C.K., and leave your mark on the wasteland, in whatever … Nechoďte za Salvatorem. He'll give you a new quest: to collect $1000 from Renesco, who owns the local Pharmacy. What have I missed?

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