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Fragmentation was mostly localized close to the surface of the particles since in this zone significant compressive stresses may establish upon rapid heating. These deceptive appearances effect a lower energy demand for stamping to achieve the cake density around 1100 kg/m3 if high-ash coals are used in stamp cokemaking. Learn more. L. Mona, F. Marenco, in Volcanic Ash, 2016. Anshuman Shrivastava, in Introduction to Plastics Engineering, 2018. Ash management is therefore important. Fill a gas jar (Figure 1.6) with water until a convex meniscus forms at the brim. The variability and the mean lidar ratio values increase with time, and probably this behavior can be ascribed to many modification processes affecting the volcanic particles during the transportation (higher variability), often involving sulfates, and not ash and pollution contamination into the lower troposphere (higher lidar ratio values). It is defined as inorganic residue that remains after combustion of the oil in air at specific high temperature. Because of the higher density of mineral matter in the coal, stamping coals with higher ash content should result in a higher cake density. The consequence is also the expected lower cake mechanical stability. From the concrete mix proportions, calculate the saturated surface dry (SSD) mass of the coarse aggregates and the fine aggregates which would be required to make a test sample containing 1000 g of cement. Ash definition, the powdery residue of matter that remains after burning. Properties are influenced by the type and amount of filler as shown in Fig. 3. Figure 11.16. Most Popular APA All Acronyms. Translations in context of "Ash content" in English-German from Reverso Context: Ash content: between 1 g/l and 7 g/l. The effect of increasing coal ash from 6.2% to 9.3% on the performance of a blast furnace has been calculated using the blast furnace thermochemistry model (Oshnock, 1995b). Figure 1.7 shows a typical calibration graph obtained using this method. Total ash is a measure of the mineral oxide content of activated carbon on a weight basis. Fig. 11.17 shows the effect of the ash content on the stampability factor K. It is evident that with a higher ash content, the stampability factor K increases because mineral matter is harder to compress than pure coal. Moisture can determine the aesthetics of food, giving estimates to product shelf life regardless of sample properties in a wet or dry state. Most fillers are stable at temperature well above that and remains as residue or ash as the polymer burns off. At the same time, the dry coke rate would have to increase from 382 to 384 kg/t-hot metal to maintain constant hot metal quality. The crucible, lid and ash then are re-weighed. In this example the ash would include all the minerals in honey. Similar results were obtained by Wu et al. ASH CONTENT OF PET FOOD AND URINARY PROBLEMS IN DOGS AND CATS. Test duplicate samples for cementitous content, then for particle density and determine the pfa content of the concrete from the calibration line. a the chapters or divisions of a book. Generally, ash levels below around 2.5 wt.% will lead to a homogeneous single-phase liquid, although high potassium levels will lower this datum. The degree of reliability of these mass concentration profiles is dictated by uncertainties in the assumed depolarization ratio, lidar ratio, and specific extinction. Citations. L. Lu, ... V. Sahajwalla, in The Coal Handbook: Towards Cleaner Production: Coal Utilisation, 2013. The relative density distribution shows that higher ash content in the coal has a negative effect on the densification. (2009) investigated the thermally-induced primary fragmentation of quartzite particles. A. Bridgwater, in Biomass Combustion Science, Technology and Engineering, 2013. Although the ash contents in all of the calcined cokes appear rather high, these materials may still be acceptable because many of the metallic species are driven off during graphitization. The sample is heated through programmed heating profile precisely controlled by a computer. The ash content of coal is a crucial parameter for the coking process. The ash content of petroleum products is generally low. Figure 1.6. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Ash is one of the components in the proximate analysis of biological materials, consisting mainly of salty, inorganic constituents. Biomass ash is naturally alkaline. Ash testing, also commonly referred to as ash content analysis, is a hugely important element of research and development for a number of key reasons. It can be seen that the amount of ash and its make-up are variable, but are within the range observed for petroleum-based calcined cokes. Scope: An Ash test is used to determine if a material is filled. Weigh a glass oven tray and glass cloth to the nearest 0.1 g. Spread the cloth over the tray and wash the contents of the gas jar onto the cloth using a fine jet wash bottle. 2. M1 is the mass of the gas jar, water, slurry and cover plate. The relative coal cake density results to be expressed by Eq. Effects of fillers and reinforcements on properties of nylon 6. Definition of ash (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : something that symbolizes grief, repentance, or humiliation. When either organic compounds are decomposed or released at high temperature (500C -600C), the remaining residue is the ash. Dry the outside and weigh the gas jar, cover plate and contents to the nearest 0.1 g. The dry weight of the material is determined as part of the Pressure Filter test (W9) (see above). Make 10 samples, weigh batching the aggregate for each sample directly into a bucket. On the other hand, the few values collected for the particle depolarization ratio for stratospheric plumes report values around 10–20%, indicating a very small content of ash and larger sulfate content. Ash. ash phrase. This results in increased water and carbon dioxide and reduced organic yields. Marenco and Hogan (2011) quantified the contribution of ash into the PBL, based on the assumption that the observed aerosols could be classified into depolarizing (ash) and nondepolarizing particles (locally emitted spherical particles). There are two common methods to perform ash test. The ash content of petroleum products is generally low. These salts may be compounds of sodium, vanadium, aluminium, nickel, calcium, magnesium, silicon, iron, etc. AC - Ash Content. The test will identify the total filler content. Recovery of cement into gas jar. Dipak K. Sarkar, in Thermal Power Plant, 2015. (2009). Definition of ash in the Idioms Dictionary. Ash comes from the nutrients in the biomass, of which potassium is particularly important, and from soil and related contamination introduced in growing and harvesting. In evaluating these data, the true density of coal was calculated based on assumed mineral matter density and mineral/ash factor. Ash - Meaning of Ash. An increase in vitrinite content is generally believed to be beneficial in the case of direct liquefaction conversions. as(h), ash- ] The baby boy name Ash is also used as a girl name. The Total Ash content is considered to be the proportion of the biomass that remains after the sample has been incinerated. The purpose of this investigation was to compare the properties of the products obtained from density separation with those obtained by froth flotation. Ash content is determined by heating the organic coating material up to the temperature at which its binder decomposes or burns. It could be observed that the shape of the curve for each grade is similar to the change in modulus value changes depending on the amount and type of the filler. The mass of the residue divided by the mass of the plastic samples is expressed in percentage (%) and denotes the measurement of filler in the compound. It has to be considered that their compacting can require higher stamping energy insert. Ash content represents the incombustible component remaining after a sample of the furnace oil is completely burned. Table 21. As the material obtained from the cement tests can be either: The sequence of the two weighings depends on which of these two analysis methods was used. Table 3. Some of the ash forming constituents occur naturally in crude oil; others are present as a result of refining or contamination during storage or distribution. Wipe the external surfaces with the absorbent cloths and weigh and record its mass, then discard the water. A crucible can be used to determine the percentage of ash contained in an otherwise burnable sample of material such as coal, wood, oil, rubber or plastics. Pronounce Ash [ 1 syll. Using chelated minerals therefore results in a pet food with a lower ash content. The pfa content of the fresh concrete mix can be determined by a chemical method, as in Appendix of BS 6610, Pozzolanic cement with pulverized-fuel ash as pozzolan, or the Particle Density Method described below. ash content meaning, definition, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'content',content provider',to one's heart's content',contented', Reverso dictionary, English simple definition, English vocabulary The cementitious material recovered is then weighed dry and in water to determine the particle density. Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. they're perfect in every single way, and absolutely stunningly beautiful. D S vd Westhuizen, ... J J Prinsloo, in 1991 International Conference on Coal Science Proceedings, 1991. ASTM D5630 may not provide the absolute filler content in all cases which includes polymers filled with CaCO3, nanoclays, and Carbon Black. It is measured by converting the mineral constituents to the respective oxides at 800°C. Slide the cover plate across the top ensuring no air bubbles are trapped. 3.3. For this purpose, a 2 gr sample is heated at 800°C for 5-6 hours, and ash content is calculated as the percentage ratio of residual ash amount to the original sample amount. The sodium content of fuel oil causes bonding of ash constituents on boiler superheater surfaces. Simultaneous injection of pulverised coal and dolomite was studied in an attempt to reduce the melting point and viscosity of pulverised coal and coke ash and to reduce the silicon content of the molten metal (Yamagata et al., 1990). The pfa calibration is the line between the 0 and 80 per cent pfa content providing the range of each set of results does not exceed 0.12 kg/m3 as specified in BS 1881: Part 128. Ash content represents the inorganic residue (minerals) remaining after ignition and complete oxidation of organic matter. Moisture content has been established as an important indicator of shelf life for foods. Ash content and composition of calcined cokes used to make the WVU graphites, F. Scala, ... P. Salatino, in Fluidized Bed Technologies for Near-Zero Emission Combustion and Gasification, 2013. Particle depolarization values decrease with time, possibly because of sedimentation of larger aspherical particles (ash) and/or aging processes. See more. Use a fine jet washer bottle to wash all the slurry from the RAM constant-volume vessel into the gas jar. Vanadium in fuel oil combines with oxygen in the combustion process and creates pentavanadate (V2O5) droplets that melt at 573–773 K. Over time, these pentavanadate droplets accumulate and form a hard crust in the interior of the equipment. What does Ash mean? About Me We are a creative and ambitious team. The high ash content of South African coals requires that it must be beneficiated prior to utilization in processes such as direct liquefaction and the manufacture of coke. TGA requires a much smaller sample size of about 10 mg compared to 2–3 g in traditional method. TransLiteral Foundation. Figure 4. In fact, attrition of sand has been typically reported to be much lower than that of fuel char or of sorbents (Scala et al., 1997). Abstract. Formation of high melting point material just out-side the raceway leads to inactiveness of the deadman. These crucibles are then weighed to determine the Acid Insoluble Residue content. These test will identify the total filler content but cannot determine percentage of individual fillers in multifilled materials without additional testing of ash content [9]. As established on the american standard testing method D-482, the mass of ash is 16% of the mass of its carbon residue. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a … Fold the loose ends of the cloth to cover the sample and remove excess clear water by carefully sucking it into a wide jet wash bottle. Table 21 reports the ash content and ash composition (determined by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy, ICP-AES) for all of the calcined cokes used to fabricate the test graphites. It contrasts with the method used by English-speaking countries, which grades flour instead by protein content and strength. Whenever the distance in time between emission and observation was not deducible from the related paper, this was evaluated using HYSPLIT back-trajectory analysis provided by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (Draxler and Rolph, 2012; Rolph, 2012). We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. The “ash content” is a measure of the total amount of minerals present within a food, whereas the “mineral content” is a measure of the amount of specific inorganic components present within a food, such as Ca, Na, K and Cl. Many translated example sentences containing "ash content" – Dutch-English dictionary and search engine for Dutch translations. Values are obtained by literature reported in Table 3. ash definition: 1. the soft grey or black powder that is left after a substance, especially tobacco, coal, or wood…. The particle density is calculated from the dry and wet weights of the material recovered from the cement content test. Place the oven tray in a microwave oven of at least 1400 watt capacity, and dry for six minutes at full power. Content Portfolio. Subtract the mass of the oven tray and cloth to obtain the mass of the dried material. The ash content of pulverised coal lowers the carbon content and calorific value of the coal injected and requires additional fluxes to remove this material as slag, both of which affect the heat balance of the blast furnace, potentially leading to an increase in fuel rate and a decrease in productivity. The filter crucibles from the Acid Hydrolysis Step are placed in an oven overnight and dried at 105C. 2 a : the solid residue left when combustible material is thoroughly burned or is oxidized by chemical means. Examples include. When the fuel ash content is low or very fine ash particles are produced after burn-out and if no in-bed desulfurization is required, an inert material must be used to maintain the bed inventory necessary for the correct operation of the plant. English Dictionary meaning of ash content. Alkalis sublime in high temperature zones of the furnace and then re-condense in the low temperature zones, reducing the mechanical strength of coke in the lower part of the furnace, forming scaffolds on the furnace lining and attacking the furnace lining refractory. Ash content represents the incombustible component remaining after a sample of the furnace oil is completely burned. They found that fragmentation was modest and increased with particle size and bed temperature. Also, their hand fits perfectly in yours and thier lips against yours are meant to be. The sample is placed in the hot furnace long enough so that complete combustion of the sample occurs. (11.8): The achieved results based on tests at three different stamping energy levels are plotted in Fig. 11.16. Ash is used predominantly in the English language, and its origin is Hebrew and Old English. Nonetheless, since the size distribution of the sand affects the fluid-dynamics and heat transfer characteristics of the bed, some studies on sand attrition have appeared in the literature. This aspect is addressed in the next section. The latter can be derived, for example, with a sun photometer or with optical particle counters, or it can be assumed from climatology. They can make your heart flutter in one giggle. Click here to place an order for determining Ash. Ash content represents the incombustible component remaining after a sample of the furnace oil is completely burned. The measured higher cake density at higher ash content does not reflect the deterioration of coal compacting behavior. Elegant solution for you. Lidar ratio and depolarization ratio at 532 nm as a function of the temporal distance between the emission at the source and the lidar observation for different volcanic eruptions and for stratospheric (top) and tropospheric (bottom) plumes. froth flotation) and (2) differences in the density of the minerals and organic matter. Some methods were developed after the Icelandic eruption of Eyjafjallajökull to detect and quantify the mixing of ash particles with other aerosols. Request a Quote Ash Content By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. (1999) for attrition of sand in a fluidized bed with a single high-velocity nozzle. The ash content of a fuel is a measure of the amount of inorganic noncombustible material it contains.

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